Saturday, January 9, 2010 passion

i love rain..and i think it has got different moods..though we feel its uncomfortable to walk in rain..i loved it in its all colours..may b thats why when my soulmate said, we will name our daughter Barkha..i said meant rain!!
. 2 year back we had a trip to vembanattu lake from ktm in a big boat,it was a trip from his workplace,where he is teaching.
and it is one of the most beautiful day in my life.
on the way he and his friend just went 4 swimming,and since there was no other dress to change,they stood on the front..deck.
then it started raining and all the ones on the deck went down..i couldnt just see them on rain,i love to b in rain and that too in the middle of water.finally they helped me to get down and b with them in the was something that i cant explain but u should feel....with nobody infront of u,with water all around,with rain all over ur body...and the it was raining inside me too...
and the big drops falling in to the water...and ur love near.there was no moment in my life which i could compare with this...INEXPLICABLE....!may b because,the first word i wrote 4 him was a poem,which was explaining whats happening to me when i was in didnt give any clue as such.."ippo ente hridayathinumeethe mazha peythu kondeyirikkunnu" it was the last line,4years back. may b i am relating my happiness with rain.
so next time when it rain over there just see what u feel?
rain has different moods,at times smiling at time horrifying us at times so beautiful..may b we feel the difference according to the mood we have inside...

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    god bless