Saturday, January 9, 2010

to my unborn baby girl
Now i really long for my baby
just thinking that she will understand me
because she is a part of mine
she has been there within me
since my birth....feeling my heart beats,my warmth..
knowing my pains..and passions..
there is nothing that i may talk to her
to convey my heart..
she knows me to the fullest...
i know that she is there deep inside me
hearing all my voices..,wet in my tears..i really need you..
come out of my flesh my dear
for i love to hold you in my arms
i want to feel your soft skin
i want to see the stars in your eyes...
someone may say come out of my woomb
but what should i say to you my dear..?you hav not even reached that place.
you have'nt even started your journey..
still i call up on u,'cuz i feel so lonely..
u know,i need someone to get u,out of me..
and i would lik 2 call dat great person
'your father'...
i found him in my love..
so u may call him 'FATHER'
i am happy that u trust me
'cuz u hav chosen me as ur mother
and gave me the freedom 2 choose ur father
but my child,wold u really want 2 come out?
i am afraid 2 bring u ur safe inside me..
still my dear..,i long 2 c u
feel ur soft fingertips..
want 2 c u smile like ur father
u dont know what made him ur father,
he had d same smile as yours..
and i wanted u in my arms...
he is more of ur father than my love
i loved him as my man
i dont want him 2b left alone..
somebody should b there 2 love him..
he feels my love a burden..
now its ur turn my baby..
u know me 2 d core..
so i can b sure,u cant b mistaken..
love him so...
so dat he wont miss my missing...
he will know someday..dat i hav given MYSELF..
u should b there 2 hold his hands
when he is in need..
'cuz my baby....
he is my only LOVE.

Footnote: I wrote the poem 3 years back and the girl mentioned was there in my arms few months back..and I had to leave my love and babe for our life...its been months since I last saw them..and touched her soft fingertips..and Now in waiting...hoping to see them in my life and bloom all around again..

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  1. we,barkha and i love you so much so that we 3 seems a world within US that nobody else feels or likes owing to their personal taste and choice among/out of US.It's nothing that binds us together and carried now but the bliss & grace of the Almighty for which our parents pray for. Let not your mind cling after the unborn baby boy so soon,who would help you to live like a you in your dreams .