Thursday, July 16, 2015

rediscovering my passion..

I AM LOVING THIS LIFE TO ITS FULLEST when i am in my 30s..i can see that i see Life more broader, more beautiful and the limit is BLISSFULNESS!!!
When i look back, i had taken Great decisions, hard decisions- since i was madly in Love,,i didn't know where it was taking me,,
it took me to a state of mind, where I could see clear,, i can understand more ..i can feel for everyone around me..given me courage to go through and win all tough times of radiate unconditional everyone around me..
Every person who has shared a part of my life has played a great role in my life to mold me so..,thank you all..
I mark this Unconditional love for my life..through this nose stud..for the Beautiful life on earth, for Rediscovering a New dimension of my Love to Aju Raghavan even after 10 years of meeting you, for giving me a chance to be the mom to the Beautiful daughters i have..and for all the gratitude i have For Who I am..Now!!

celebrating my moments in life

i know that till this moment, you don't believe in giving gift to show the believe in living the moments..
here i am waiting years to have a gift from you..I am so glad Barkha can feel my heart..she asked you to think about something her mom has been wanting ,,or love to have on mother's day....and while its 10 years,, i dont mind..i felt as if i have been getting married to you again..the day when u gave it to me..
The little heart shaped Blue sapphire with tiny diamonds around like another heart protecting it!!! its not the money you spent, its not the sapphire, not even the diamonds..its Your thought..of Giving..and I have great meanings for it..
 — celebrating your life with Aju Raghavan.

my life..

When i post something in fb, i know the whole world is watching me..doesn't bother me, for this is what i am.i .don't bother about the judgement, likes or comments..good thing is , there is no tab to hit Dislike.. i am an open book..
when i write about my best friendAju Raghavan..i feel bliss, for he is very special to me,,may be someone may think- what a special couple, best one and there is only happiness..But this can be any couple out there..
He is best...,Not because , he is the best man in this world, nor he is the best husband as per the contemporary rules..not the best friend as per rules..its all relative..its all when we start to compare..when we set limits..
he is best cuz i love him and i focus only on the positive aspects of him( that can be 4/10 -there is always room for growth..) and believe in giving,, endlessly without expecting anything back..there is nothing like adjustment when u love someone unconditionally..its a flow..there is no anger, jealousy,hatred ..but of course there is Difference of opinion, discussions..its walking on a long road with hands holding matter the road is with flowers or rocks..experiencing now..!!!! Feeling great full..loving every moment of life..

you answered my questions..

.the way a man love his daughters is the extend he loves their mother..

I have no more questions to ask you..YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO ALL MY QUESTIONS.

feel the moments..

Some moments in life are so beautiful that it gives u immense positivity to wipe off all your negative thoughts and live ur Whole life...even when there are moments u think, the earth splits into two and u can go deeper in to the unknown and disappear for ever in to the elements of universe where no one come looking for you except the ones who are in search of us...
Being a human is special for u r body else share the same thoughts or feelings,,it is beautiful,,and the same time no one feels the same, so never get u the way you feel..
My love for this life had limits set by me,,through my understandings from my life experiences and readings..and the limits made me feel safe. But I am entering a new path,never taken ,with no limits, no conditions,,no expectations,..the Unknown, the mystic..and the most search of my inner love for the Whole feel Bliss in every moment...

love this world..

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu........ the only mantra my daughters learned so far..

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.
Let's look more closely at the meaning of each word of this invocational mantra:
lokah: location, realm, all universes existing now
samastah: all beings sharing that same location
sukhino: centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering
bhav: the divine mood or state of unified existence
antu: may it be so, it must be so (antu used as an ending here transforms this mantra into a powerful pledge)
This is a prayer each one of us can practice every day. It reminds us that our relationships with all beings and things should be mutually beneficial if we ourselves desire happiness and liberation from suffering. No true or lasting happiness can come from causing unhappiness to others. No true or lasting freedom can come from depriving others of their freedom. If we say we want every being to be happy and free, then we have to question everything that we do-how we live, how we eat, what we buy, how we speak, and even how we think.

i am infected...

i have an Infectious Disease,incurable -Love....!!!!!!!
any one who don't want to get it,,keep away from me...


Watching our moments of marriage again and again,i now started to realize the deeper meaning of Marriage itself..the rituals and what it tries to engrave in us..the social significance and what it means to the individuals in the much a special moment of someone's life significantly influence your journey of finding out Who you are..and what you want to be..Reflect your -Self ..Like in a Mirror and Lead you to MOKSHA- the ultimate Spiritual Release..
 — feeling refreshed with Aju Raghavan.