Thursday, July 16, 2015

my life..

When i post something in fb, i know the whole world is watching me..doesn't bother me, for this is what i am.i .don't bother about the judgement, likes or comments..good thing is , there is no tab to hit Dislike.. i am an open book..
when i write about my best friendAju Raghavan..i feel bliss, for he is very special to me,,may be someone may think- what a special couple, best one and there is only happiness..But this can be any couple out there..
He is best...,Not because , he is the best man in this world, nor he is the best husband as per the contemporary rules..not the best friend as per rules..its all relative..its all when we start to compare..when we set limits..
he is best cuz i love him and i focus only on the positive aspects of him( that can be 4/10 -there is always room for growth..) and believe in giving,, endlessly without expecting anything back..there is nothing like adjustment when u love someone unconditionally..its a flow..there is no anger, jealousy,hatred ..but of course there is Difference of opinion, discussions..its walking on a long road with hands holding matter the road is with flowers or rocks..experiencing now..!!!! Feeling great full..loving every moment of life..

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