Thursday, July 16, 2015

feel the moments..

Some moments in life are so beautiful that it gives u immense positivity to wipe off all your negative thoughts and live ur Whole life...even when there are moments u think, the earth splits into two and u can go deeper in to the unknown and disappear for ever in to the elements of universe where no one come looking for you except the ones who are in search of us...
Being a human is special for u r body else share the same thoughts or feelings,,it is beautiful,,and the same time no one feels the same, so never get u the way you feel..
My love for this life had limits set by me,,through my understandings from my life experiences and readings..and the limits made me feel safe. But I am entering a new path,never taken ,with no limits, no conditions,,no expectations,..the Unknown, the mystic..and the most search of my inner love for the Whole feel Bliss in every moment...

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