Thursday, July 16, 2015

rediscovering my passion..

I AM LOVING THIS LIFE TO ITS FULLEST when i am in my 30s..i can see that i see Life more broader, more beautiful and the limit is BLISSFULNESS!!!
When i look back, i had taken Great decisions, hard decisions- since i was madly in Love,,i didn't know where it was taking me,,
it took me to a state of mind, where I could see clear,, i can understand more ..i can feel for everyone around me..given me courage to go through and win all tough times of radiate unconditional everyone around me..
Every person who has shared a part of my life has played a great role in my life to mold me so..,thank you all..
I mark this Unconditional love for my life..through this nose stud..for the Beautiful life on earth, for Rediscovering a New dimension of my Love to Aju Raghavan even after 10 years of meeting you, for giving me a chance to be the mom to the Beautiful daughters i have..and for all the gratitude i have For Who I am..Now!!

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